Ecological Evaluations and Documentation

shutterstock 72454354Environmental permitting may sometimes require ecological information.  At times, ecological information may be limited to a determination regarding threatened and endangered species or on-site soils information.  Other projects may require an evaluation of habitat and qualification of potential flora and fauna.  Sometimes, the more complex or controversial projects may also require an assessment of ecological impacts and appropriate mitigation measures.

RTP staff include individuals with experience providing ecological services.  RTP’s ecological services are often completed in support of Environmental Impact Statements (EISs), Environmental Assessments (EAs) and other critical path environmental site clearances.  RTP staff have experience in habitat assessment, soils, geology, wetland delineations and other site specific data collection.  Remember certain data collection can be limited to growing seasons or other weather dependent timeframes.  The data must be obtain prior to site disturbance and may take considerable time to collect and develop required information and supporting documentation.  Contact RTP early in your project to facilitate a successful project and ecological service integration.