Environmental Due Diligence

shutterstock 97972001Environmental due diligence is similar to a Phase I site assessment in that these activities are often completed in support of commercial land transactions, loans or other “ownership” agreements.  The purpose of environmental due diligence is to evaluate facility operations and monitoring and recordkeeping activities with respect to applicable environmental permits and regulations.  Environmental due diligence includes review of agency files, including permits, registrations and inspection reports as well as other available agency documentation from multimedia records research groups in addition to a site visit to compare and assess compliance with respect to applicable environmental requirements.  A report is prepared to document the findings of the audit which can be used to determine existing exposures, if any.  In the case of financial transactions, the report may also be used to negotiate final costs or other transaction concessions.  It is also a useful tool for new management with respect to planning and detailing future projects.

RTP has conducted environmental due diligence for a diverse set of clients.  Since environmental due diligence is tailored to specific needs, it is recommended that you speak with an RTP representative to allow us to design a plan that will address your project.