Enforcement & Litigation Support

shutterstock 91738673Compliance with environmental rules, permits and registrations cannot be taken lightly.  Enforcement and litigation are tools used by agencies to improve compliance at the specific facility.  In addition, enforcement and litigation cases are used as examples to impress the significance of compliance at other facilities within that jurisdiction.  RTP has handled countless enforcement and litigation cases for clients in a wide array of disciplines.  From simple a simple Notice of Violation (NOV) to complex Section 114 requests, RTP can assist you prepare the necessary information to support your case.  Our expertise allows us to draw from real world knowledge and includes expert witnessing, if it gets to that point.  RTP’s experience includes the negotiations of Stipulation Agreements, Consent Orders and other legally binding agreements and arbitration.  RTP has prepared numerous corrective action plans, supplemental environmental project plans and other case-specific evidence in support of such negotiations.  RTP staff includes professionals responsible for writing some of the rules still applied today.  Therefore, we believe RTP can assist you with your specific needs, please contact your local office if you have additional questions or would like to discuss a specific concern at your site.