Air Permitting & Compliance

shutterstock 89002462RTP provides comprehensive services to assist clients with obtaining environmental permits and necessary approvals to construct, modify and operate air emission sources.  RTP’s team of experts has and continues to assist clients with a wide array of air permitting and compliance needs including, but not limited to, State and Federal registrations, construction and FESOP Permits, PSD permits, Title V Operating Permits, non-attainment offsets and bubble permits.

Clean Air Act regulations are complex and continue to evolve.RTP is capable of completing all activities associated with any air compliance need from simple to complex.Our team of meteorologists, engineers, scientists and technicians can provide assistance with all facets of a project, from applicability determinations to source inventories, BACT, RACT, MACT and LAER determinations, air quality and meteorological monitoring and air dispersion modeling.Once a draft permit is provided, RTP is there to assist you with agency negotiations, provide compliance schedules, support at public meetings and meeting reporting requirements.We can also assist with regulatory interpretations, permit negotiations and expert testimony.

RTP often assists clients with compliance issues related to air regulations.RTP can provide a review of existing site activities to determine what, if any, air or onsite media exposures may exist with respect to applicable regulations.RTP’s air experts can then assist with the development and implementation of a compliance program tailored specifically to the site.