Waste Overview

shutterstock 38597104RTP staff is acutely aware of the potential problems associated with evaluating multimedia, multi-trajectory/multi-pathway problems. As the management of solid and hazardous waste receives public attention, society continues to struggle with the difficult problems raised by comprehensive waste management. The increase in volume of waste by-products often results in the emergence of new technologies to properly recycle usable materials and to safely and permanently dispose of unusable residues. RTP is in the forefront of waste management from environmental and regulatory perspectives.

A large portion of our efforts is currently directed at the solid waste management area. The experts at RTP are involved in a number of projects involving waste issues. RTP staff has and continues to provide environmental consulting and permitting services for construction and operation of waste disposal facilities such as landfills, composting facilities, resource recovery projects, recycling efforts as well as waste-to-energy projects. RTP can assist with a wide array of project needs including assessment hazards and associated requirements, technical and management support, multi-media monitoring of hazardous and toxic materials, and development of remediation investigations plans and site closure plans. Our core waste services areas include: